Our country of Japan has a well-established history of cultural exchange with the nations of Europe. It is well known that Japan’s establishment as a member of the developed nations of the world was in large part due to the influence and support received from Europe’s various member states.

Hokkaido shares many similarities with Europe in both climate and industry, and I believe there is much that we can learn from Europe in areas such as the dairy and agriculture industries. Also, although still some time into the future, the eventual establishment of the northern sea route would greatly reduce the distance between Hokkaido and the European continent. With the situation as such, I believe that Hokkaido has some major roles to play.

It is my great pleasure to announce the establishment of the Hokkaido EU Association, the 14th such association in Japan. I very much wish that the establishment of this association contributes to the deepening of ties between Hokkaido and the European nations and offers diverse exchange opportunities not only in the field of the economics but also in a wide range of other beneficial areas. I sincerely hope to gain your understanding and active participation in our association.

Hokkaido EU Association
Chairman Tomoyasu Marutani