Constitution of Hokkaido EU Association

Article 1 _Name
The official title of the association is “Hokkaido EU Association”
Article 2 _Objectives
The objectives of the association are to strengthen mutual understanding, promote friendship and contribute to economic and cultural exchange between Hokkaido and the European Union (EU) member nations’ companies as well as its citizens
Also to establish a communication network with the Delegation of the European Union to Japan and with other EU associations in Japan
Article 3 _Activities
To achieve the above mentioned objectives, we will conduct the following activities:
  1. Holding of activities such as lectures and seminars etc. to promote mutual understanding
  2. Promotion personal exchange such as mutual visits by delegations
  3. Promote economic exchange through participation in exhibitions and trade shows, and the holding of business meetings etc
  4. Assistance with the public relation activities of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan
  5. Other activities needed to achieve our objectives
Article 4 _Memberships
Memberships consist of corporate memberships, individual memberships, student memberships and special memberships of individuals who principally live or have an office in Hokkaido and understand our objectives
Special memberships are limited to public organizations that are necessary for our operation
Article 5 _Board members and advisors

1.The association will appoint the following board members:

Chairperson: 1 person
Vice-chair people: several
Directors: several
Auditor-secretary: several

2.The association can appoint advisors as necessary

Article 6 _Election of board members etc.
Directors and advisors will be appointed by the general assembly, chair person and vice-chair person, chosen by mutual vote. The term of appointment of board members who are appointed midterms will be for the same length as the remaining term of their predecessor
Full term of appointment of directors and advisors is 2 years. Reappointments are permitted
Article 7_General assembly and board meetings

1. The following important matters concerning operation shall be discussed and resolved by vote at general assemblies

(1) Establishment, revision or abolition of bylaws
(2) Business reports, financial statements
(3) Activity plans and budget
(4) Appointment of directors and auditors
(5) Other important matters A general assembly is convened by the chairperson annually

                           The chairperson can convene extraordinary general assemblies as necessary
                           The chairperson serves as chairperson of general assemblies
                           General assembly resolutions are decided by majority vote of the attending members
                           In the case of a tied vote, the chairperson will make a final decision on the voted issue
                           In the case that members are unable to attend a meeting, voting by proxy is permitted

2. The board of directors consists of a chair person, vice-chair people and directors

All necessary matters related to the association’s regular operation, other than resolutions   to be made by the general assembly, shall be handled by the board of directors

                      The association chairperson serves as the chairperson of board meetings
                    Resolutions at board meetings are determined by majority vote of the attending directors
                  In the case of a tied vote, the chairperson will make a final decision on the voted issue
                In the case that directors are unable to attend a meeting, voting by proxy is permitted
Article 8_Operation of association.
          1. The chairperson acts as representative of the association and carries out administrative duties of the association
          2. Vice-chair people assist the chairperson in his or her duties, and act instead of the chairperson when he or she is incapacitated
          3. Directors discuss the matters submitted to board meetings as members of the board of directors, and also supervise the running of the association’s administration
          4. The auditor supervises the associations’ accounts
The chairperson appoints advisors with the approval of the board of directors.
Article 10_Membership fees

1.To cover operational expenditure the association collects annual membership fees determined as follows

(1) Corporate membership fee is one or more payments of 20,000 yen per payment
(2) Individual membership fee is one or more payments of 3,000 yen per payment
(3) Student membership fee is one or more payments of 1,000 yen per payment
(4) Special memberships are free of charge

2. Membership fee for members joining midway through the year is equal to the full membership fee amount. Also, membership fees are not refundable in the case of withdrawal of membership

Article 11_Secretariat
A secretariat is appointed for association administration
The secretariat handles the necessary administrative workings of the association.
Article 12_Accounting
                  1. Necessary expenditure for operation of the association is provided by membership fees, donations and other revenue
                  2. The secretariat is in charge of the associations’ accounts
                  3. Each year the association produces a financial report, subject to an audit by an auditor, and discussed and approved by the general assembly
                  4. The initial fiscal year of this association will begin on the association’s date of establishment and will end on 31st March the following year. All following fiscal years will be from 1st April until 31st March of the following year
Article 13_Amendment of constitution
Amendment of bylaws will be raised and decided at general assemblies. Amendments need to be approved by a two- third majority vote by the members
Additional clause
These bylaws were implemented in July 2014

(Initial) July 8, 2014

(Modified) July 16, 2015